Leanne provides extensive support and guidance to victims of crime with a particular focus on victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.You have rights as a victim and Leanne will ensure that they are protected and respected. Leanne has a strong relationship with the Crown Attorney’s Office due to her previous employment there and this is beneficial to her clients in ensuring their needs are met and their rights are protected.


• Liaising with the prosecutor to ensure the victim remains informed at each stage of the process.
• Explaining to victims their rights and the procedures involved in the criminal process
• Ensuring a victim’s privacy rights are protected particularly in sexual assault cases involving medical and therapeutic records
• Ensuring procedural protections are afforded victims where appropriate include such aids as testifying behind screens, use of a support person, or by adopting a prior video statement where appropriate.
• Advocating for child victims of crime and ensuring their enhanced rights are protected.
• Empowering victims by thoroughly preparing them to testify at trial, anticipating questions they will be asked and strategies that will be used in court.

If you have been a victim of physical, emotional or mental abuse, reach out to Leanne for assistance.

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